about me

I started with this when I was child, after that I couldn't stop

I don’t have problems learning anything in a short time, I don’t have all those languages end to end in mind but I understand about software architecture and design patterns, that helps to learn fast any programing language or technology

I’ve been working with technologies such as:

  • Os: Linux, OSX

  • Sysadmin: Unix, Docker, GRPC, AWS, Bash, Kubernetes

  • Databases: MySQL, MongoDB

  • Backend: Golang, Rust, Typescript, Node, PHP, Java, Python, C++, ASP, Ruby

  • ORM/API: Strongloop, Kraken, Sails, Nest, express, Gin gonic, mgo, negroni, rocket

  • CMS: Wordpress, Ghost, Hugo

  • Frontend: Webpack, Material design, Gulp, React, Css3, Vue, jQuery, Sass, Less, Jade, slim, Bootstrap, Foundation, Angularjs, Angular 6, coffeescript

  • Auth: Firebase, Token, JWT, ACL

  • Dessign patterns: Facade, Strategy, Singleton, Factory, Decorator, Proxy

  • Version control: Git, Github, Bitbucket, Gitlab

This page was builded using a JAMstack headless cms, based on: hugo, forestry, github pages